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meet the team


Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Sue, Janett & Sophia

Sue Howorth

Sue Howorth is an award-winning businesswoman, a trusted family business ambassador, NXD for Enterprise Answers, Board Trustee for the Cumbria Community Foundation and sits on the Editorial Advisory Board for the Journal of Family Business management.

Seen as a gamechanger and visionary for both global business, and family business support in Cumbria, Lancashire, Yorkshire & Lincolnshire and surrounding regions. Sue is the founder of The Family Business Network Ltd, Sue Howorth Ltd & Co-founder of The Family Business Awards for Cumbria & Lancashire.

She has a wealth of experience supporting a variety of businesses across a range of sectors and is recognised for her business acumen, signposting, mentoring and both event host and facilitator.

Janett Walker & Sophia Newton

This dynamic duo are the PR and social media force behind many of Cumbria’s best loved businesses. Recognised for their energy, positivity and creativity their determination has helped make fantastic events such as this come to life.

Bastions for the power of positive thinking, their infectious enthusiasm consistently turns ideas into reality, that reality is always a happy place!

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